Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome Baby Malia | Los Gatos Newborn Photography

This angel face is Kekoa Kai. 
You've seen his many times on this blog. 
He's part of my California family and his family is dear to my heart.
I wanted to put this image first becasue he welcomed a baby sister into his world on May 28, 2012.
Everyone who has 2 babies knows how much the 2nd rocks the world of the 1st.
Something about this image says that, and that's why I love it.

Malia Belle
7lbs. 13 oz.
Born at 1:28 pm.
Pure JOY!

It was special to be there just 4 days after she was born. 
I couldn't help but smile at the ease with which Hsiaolei handeled Malia; holding her second child as if she'd been holding her and smelling her for years. 
That's the beauty of the 2nd baby. It's so natural and simple, something I missed with my first born.

I'm so happy to meet you, Malia & I can't wait to know you and watch you grow.
For now I am just in awe of your new-ness.

Love to the Hanson's and thier new little snuggle bug.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome Hailey Elizabeth | Bay Area Newborn Photography

What a beautiful little baby. 
10 days old.
And of course I love her name. Spelled just how my Hailey spells hers.

She was born on her due date, May 20th.
Hailey has a great family!
You may remember her gorgeous mama, Nicole, from our shoot in the blooming orchard this spring
If not, click the blue text and go check it out!
She's has a super fun loving sister who is so proud, and a great dad!

Welcome Hailey Elizabeth. 
I loved capturing the new-ness of you.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Jett | Los Gatos Newborn Photography

 Baby Jett

10 days old.
born into a little family. 
Big sister Dylan, mommy Abby & daddy Mike.
This boy was a photographer's dream during our shoot--sooo sleepy.
He would have let us do just about anything to him and he was good with it. 

There were too many favorites for me to narrow it down, so I just put them all up.

Welcome to this world, baby Jett.
So glad to have captured the beginning of you.

Caris' Birthday Shoot | Los Gatos Children and Family Photography

This little munchkin is Caris. 
She just turned two and in her honor we planned a photo shoot to capture her angel face.
Dressed in her blue tutu to celebrate, she pranced through the grass picking up bugs and critters and chasing her sisters. 
She's a bundle of happy energy! 
She and her sisters are stunningly beautiful and it was a total joy for me to photograph them
(and chat with their mom)!

Happy Birthday Caris!