Friday, October 22, 2010

Kaitlyn & Renee

I loved photographing this sweet pea. This is Kaitlyn, and man, she is CUTE! She's a petite little thing and sweetness just oozes out of her. I just love her smile. I can't get enough of it! It's so genuine and unveils pure joy. She smiles the most when she is in her mama's arms. Most of the shoot was in her mama's arms, and that was perfectly fine. I'm a big believer in capturing a child in their most natural environment, and for Kaitlyn that's right where it is. I have a soft spot on my heart anyway for mama's girls-- probably because I have one of my own.
It's actually a really special thing to watch a mama and her bebe be so close. I loved watching Kailtyn and Renee cuddle and laugh together, and I love that we caught it all on camera so someday Kaitlyn will be able to physically see how loved and happy she was when she was 2 :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy as much as I did! Plus, her dress: it really couldn't have captured Kaityn better. Delicate, innocent, and light-hearted!









Pure joy!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lisa Miller

The thing I love most about photography is the time it gives me to look at people on a deeper level and see how strikingly beautiful they are. Each and every person I have photographed has something unique that makes them who they are, their own personal gift from the universe. I see it more clearly when I spend time with a client and then a few hours sorting through their shoot, as opposed to interacting with them with a million other things on my mind. It was so special for me to meet Lisa at the park yesterday morning. She shared her gift with me and I was blown away. This woman is a talented Native American Flute player. She plays with the San Jose Metropolitan Band. She is also a recently licensed therapist. So, she needed head shots, and in the process I got my own private solo of Amazing Grace. 

thank you, Lisa. What a way to start my day. peacefully.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halo ~ A blow dry bar.

This is Rosemary & Sue, owner and general manager of Halo. These ladies are f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s! I was more than excited to be asked to be part of their grand opening and I had an absolute blast getting to know the staff and vibe at Halo. It's just awesome there, down to every last detail. You gotta go!

Plain and simple, it says it on the door as you walk in: "stop in, float out". Ahhhh, doesn't that sound good? A shampoo, scalp massage, and you choose from a detailed menu what you want for your hair.  My favorite option off the menu: "me, only better" :) And you still have $ in your wallet in the end? Yup!

The set up for the event was fantastic! Complimentary blow dry, gift bags, models to show off the  "menu", and delicious food, drinks, and dessert, but I'll get to that in a bit. Dessert needs it's own private acknowledgment. Best I've ever had, hands down!...wait for it...

The whole interior was designed by my friend Erin Crain of H Interiors! I love the accent orange inside. Rosemary's favorite color. total chic.

An orange carpet laid out for this event! :)
So many people to support Rosemary, Sue, and Halo. 
It's totally inspiring for me to know a women like Rosemary & Erin, see them have an idea, and believe in it (and themselves) enough to do it! I'm so proud of them!

 So here is a peek at some of the dessert options laid out for guests from the amazing Sweet Tooth Confections. I had heard about Rachel Myers, owner and pastry chef, through a fellow photographer's work, but I had never tasted the unbelievableness of her magic! Oh. My. Goodness. Let's just say I was so sad Brad wasn't there. He may have died and gone to heaven if he was. Of all the people I know he has the biggest sweet tooth, hence, a great appreciation for a good scrumptious dessert. Obviously Rachel and her hubby do too! Hit them up for your next event or birthday party! 

good people.

 The stylists. Sweet ladies who know how to make you look good! 

Great night! Lots of laughter and good energy. I can't wait to go in and get my hair done!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daddy's Girls

Saturday afternoon I met up with these three beauties because they wanted to have some photos taken for their Dad's upcoming birthday. What a great idea! The three loves of their Daddy's life, what could be a better present?! Jackie told me that she had 2 girls, Eva, 19 months, and Kenzie, 2 months. When she popped out of her car I was in awe. This mama is gorgeous and super relaxed and calm. I want to be that way if I have 2 kids someday. (I hope if I imagine myself that way hard enough it will come true :))

Eva reminded me SO much of my Ava. Independent and strong willed. Her mama specifically requested that we meet somewhere with no playground in site. I realized why after meeting little Eva. She talked all about slides and swings and looked around wondering and asking "where are they?" Instead we got her interested in looking for birdies and exploring. SUCH a sweetheart. I love this picture of her. 

Since Eva was so busy exploring we did lots of shooting with mama and each girl individually, but we got the shot we wanted too. you'll see at the end of the post. Jackie loves her girls. She is so so sweet with both of them, going with the flow and loving them up as much as she could. I like that kind of a mama.

This is her Kenzie. Oh. My. Cuteness. 2 months old and smiles when you say, as enthusiastically as you can "oh, wow!" You bet I was saying it over and over! Who wouldn't to get that precious little smile. 

beautiful mama, beautiful baby.

 Daddy's girls. 

 one of my favorite parts of the shoot was that Eva and Jackie were both in cowboy boots! She said they're a little obsessed with them, as a family. Well, I love 'em too! And they just bummed up the cuteness times 10!! Can't wait to get Kenzie and Daddy in some boots too someday!

Happy Birthday to Eva & Kenzie's daddy!! Your girls sure do love you! :)

Little Elizabeth & her growing family...

I love meeting new families getting a chance to capture their sweet children and the joy that they have in  photographs. When I process the photos I love being able to just soak in a millisecond of a moment that was frozen with a click. It's awesome. This is Elizabeth. She is 19 months old and busy, busy! She wasn't too interested in me, but more in taking her dolly for a walk and playing on the playground, of course! What 19 month old really wants to sit still in front of a camera? None that I know! I love capturing the naturalness of what it means to be 19 months old, or any age for that matter, so it was fun for me to try and keep up with this muffin :)
Showing me her belly button. It's so pretty, Elizabeth!! :) 
 Their family is beautiful and expecting a little boy mid-November! His name is a secret, but he's a lucky man coming into the world to be part of this family!
 the playground was where Elizabeth was happiest. She tried the 'big girl swings' for the first time with some help from Daddy.
 To end the shoot Daddy got Elizabeth laughing by turning her upside down, something my dad used to do to me all the time, so silly! Made for a great family shot though. I love it~
So nice to meet you guys! Can't wait to meet the new addition!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emerge Global Event

What an amazing organization! I am in awe of Alia Whitney-Johnson, executive director of Emerge, and so grateful to Tabetha for thinking of me and asking me to be a part of this event in San Francisco's Martin Lawrence Gallery on Friday night. I left feeling so touched and inspired to know there are such wonderful people in the world. 

Emerge is a non-profit, based out of (my hometown) Boston, Ma. It all began when 19 year old, Alia, arrived in Sri Lanka to help with the tsunami relief efforts in 2005. Unexpectedly, what she found there were young female survivors of rape and incest, locked away, behind walls, who had to give birth to and care for their children in isolation, or choose to give them up for adoption. Alia connected with these women through the simple act of making jewelry with them. She guided them into seeing how beautiful their creations were, thus that beauty comes from within them! This fostered strength and belief in themselves to recover from poverty and pain, and for some, courage to fight to get their children back. (You can read a survivors story here.) Today, each woman has her own personal savings account, for which 50% of the profit of the jewelry they made, will be deposited into their account. The other 50% goes toward the organizations needs to continue. Alia visits these women in Sri Lanka regularly. Many are pursuing an education and have dreams of becoming nurses, building homes for themselves, educating their children, or starting their own businesses with the money in their savings. It's just amazingly inspiring. And the jewelry is so beautiful!

 Alia had beautiful pictures of her time in Sri Lanka with the girls making jewelry around the gallery. She made a touching and informative speech, educating all of us about the organization and how it works.

She left cards for people to read, written by the girls in Sri Lanka, telling us of their dreams and accomplishments and what the Emerge program means to them.

 The people there were giving, loving spirits. It was easy to capture that over the course of the evening.

 There were many important people there affiliated with Emerge. This is Alia (right), and Raffaela (left), Development Officer. They were wonderful hosts and put SO much thought into the event. It was wonderful!

Please consider supporting this organization. Even if you only donate $5, that goes a long way in Sri Lanka. I bought my sister's christmas presents, bracelets, that have a whole lot of hope and love in them. I can't think of a better gift. You can purchase jewelry online here, or donate here. You can even host a fundraising jewelry party in your home with your friends by contacting Alia. Tabetha and I are planning an Emerge party for our mama friends as we speak!
If nothing else, say a prayer for these women. They need the love.
Thank you.