Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Simon - 11 weeks. | Bay Area Newborn Photography

It was wonderful to meet this little man. 
Just 11 weeks old. He was wide-eyed and ready for his photo shoot. :)

I'm so happy for the Castellon's. 
It's such a blessing to add a new member to a family and they 
couldn't be more happy about it.
It was easy to capture the joy and awe. 
It was written all over their faces. 

Meet Baby Simon.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Renee & Ian Expecting # 2 | Bay Area Maternity Photography

I met Renee in my mom's group almost four years ago (wow, I can't believe it's been that long!)
Her little family is growing bigger and we set up a shoot to document that new life growing in that perfectly round, gorgeous belly. 
It's a mystery. Boy or girl, it will be a surprise, but one that we don't have to wait much longer for. 
Baby is due in late July!

I got a little chocked up as I was shooting because it dawned on me what a special time this is for them--right before the baby comes, those last moments as a family of three, and then how unimaginably special it is to add another little person to your family. Just having been through it, it touched me.

I'll be there to capture this newbie on camera soon and I can't wait!
Until then, stay comfortable and lazy this summer, Renee.

Christman Family Shoot | Bay Area Family Photography

It was about 100 degrees on the afternoon I met the Christman's for our shoot, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little concerned for their little guy, Kyle. 
Much to my surprise, as long as we gave he his much needed freedom to run and some cold water, he was a happy camper!
If I've learned anything from shooting children it's to give them that sense of control. Let them spend more time running and exploring that plunked down in front of the camera. It makes for a happier kid and much more natural photos. Plus, I can run too if I need to ;)

I love meeting new families as much as I love watching families grow over the years.
The Christman's are ultra mellow bunch. Getting ready for a big move and showing up for a shoot like they'd been relaxing at home all day--it made for some photos that really captured the essence of who they are.

Thanks for your relaxing energy and a really fun shoot!
I'm glad you're not going far :)

Alesii Family Shoot | Bay Area Family Photography

Last time I shot the Alesii's, Baby Eloise was just born! 
Look at her now, almost 1 year, and her big sister, Charlotte is almost 3!
They are such beauties. 
Here are some shots we captured in honor of their upcoming birthdays.

Charlotte & Eloise 2012

Matthews Family Shoot | Bay Area Family Photography

This is the Matthews family. 
They're growing from family of three into family of four very soon :)

It's such an honor to be asked to photograph a family more than once. 
I love the chance to catch up and awe at how much a little one has grown.
It's special for me.

The Tara, Kevin and Luke are super easy going and fun.
For this shoot we met at Hidden Villa Farm (a favorite shooting spot of mine).
It was a beautiful day and I feel like we captured some beautiful shots.

Can't wait to meet that new little bundle.

Anderson Family Shoot | Bay Area Family Photography

What a gift it is to shoot a girlfriend's family and capture how special the bond is among them all.
This is Emily, my sweet, loving friend, and her beautiful family.
We've been buddies raising our children together and sharing in life's challenges and joys.
This particular afternoon was a chance to share in the joy with them.
Scotty was so excited and happy, and in turn, it rubbed off on all of us. :)

Thanks for asking me to document this time in your life. 
I love you guys!