Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sexton Family Shoot | Los Gatos Family Photography

Gracie & Johnny. 
Those are the names of these gorgeous children. It's that cute?! I thought so. Darling.
And this couple, Kathy and Ed, well, let's just say I haven't seen two people so in love in a while.
They are a super generous and happy family. I'm so glad they were referred to me. I am truly blessed with the very best clients! And I'm always excited to meet a new family. 
It was wonderful working with you guys!
You are a beautiful family!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

DuBridge Family | Los Gatos Family Photography

Sometimes clients have to cancel. And I understand. Kids get sick, things come up and though I'm bummed about it, this time it allowed for me to squeeze in the DuBridge family for a holiday shoot. They had been patiently waiting, fingers crossed, on the wait list, hoping something would pop open, and it did! I was so happy to see them and so touched when Krista shared with me how much she liked my work and preferred my style over others. I was, I'm not going to lie, so happy to hear it, and then even more glad that we were able to schedule a shoot! phew!
Her beautiful girls are growing fast. 
I was happy to catch up with them.
And for all my tried and true clients, like Krista, next year we're scheduling christmas in July! :)
You'll be hearing from me!
For now, enjoy these shots from our fun shoot at Belgatos Park.

Hanson Holiday Shoot | Los Gatos Family Photography

One of my very favorite families....The Hanson's. 
And some of my most loyal clients. so grateful.
It was really fun to meet up on a Friday afternoon and play (I mean take holiday photos)! :)
Happiest holiday's to the Hanson's!
I love you guys!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome Baby Nolan | Los Gatos Newborn Photography

 Welcome to this world Baby Nolan.
Such a tiny little guy.
It's such a treat to walk into a home with a new life in it.
It's such a special time.
Thank you, Summer for asking me to be there to photograph Nolan.
When I first began this photography journey I asked Summer if I could photograph her new baby, Parker, now big brother to Nolan! It's a blessing to watch this family grow and to be the person who captures it.
I'm grateful.

Del Grande Family Shoot | Los Gatos Family Photography

This photo makes me think of a baby Ralph Lauren ad. 
Little Tucker just standing there looking right at me among the brush.
It's one of my favorite photos. 
I love everything about this boy, but  I love his hair and the fact that he's holding his lovey the very most. His brother, Bryce is a looker too. So handsome, these boys!
I had a blast getting to shoot them (and chase them.)
Happy Holidays to the Del Grande's.
Stay tuned and you'll get to meet their baby sister, Pia. Due early December! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gwen's 1st Birthday Shoot | Los Gatos Family & Maternity Photography

Happy Birthday to this sweet face. 
This is Gwen. 
And those eyes against the green backdrop just pop! I love it!
It was great to meet Gwen's awesome family and celebrate her!
We also celebrated a new little one..coming soon ;)
Soon enough this little munchkin will be the big sister!
For now she's still the baby.