Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sarah Katherine Shepardson | {Personal Post} | Newborn Photography

I am beyond proud to introduce you to my new niece, Sarah Katherine. 
She is a most precious thing.
She's 8 weeks old in these photos and my older sister, Nicole, is, to say the least, smitten.
Sarah is a little thing with a vacuum suction. She likes her mama's milk!
She is so soft, that mohawk hair like silken feathers between your fingers.
She just started smiling and gave me a big one for our shoot :)
I can't wait to know her more and watch her grow.
I am so proud and excited to be an auntie on my side of the family. 
I am thrilled to be on this journey of motherhood with one of my sisters now.
Finally. We waited a loooong time, and now we have babies just 4 months apart.
On this visit it seemed like worlds apart, but soon enough they'll be doing all the same things...together! 

I love you, Sarah.
Happy BIRTH day. 
This is my gift to you and your mama.

Senior Pictures with Samara | Massachusetts and Bay Area Senior Portraits

How happy it made my heart to see this girl again.
She was beautiful when she was 3 (last time I saw her) and she's gorgeous now!
She's a senior at Wayland High School, where I graduated from. 
We could hear her horses and the squeals of delight from her siblings from our backyard growing up.
I was so honored that she contacted me to do her Senior portraits AND she traveled to me on Cape Cod this summer so we could do some shots on the beach.
There is no place more stunning in Massachusetts as far as I'm concerned.
I brought my younger sister, Mina along (an up and coming photographer) to shoot with us and the three of us had a total blast! 

This girl is stunning inside and out. 
She has maturity beyond her years and I only hope I raise my kids to be become young adults with the same values.
Love you, Samara! 
Happy Senior year!

Zoe turns 4 | Los Gatos Children's Photography

It's such a pleasure to watch this little one grow.
She lives just around the corner from us now and will be in school with Ava in a year.
She's beautiful and full of spirit.
Mommy and Daddy left the two of us to play in her room and we had so much fun, giggling, imagining, and being silly.
Sometimes that's just what a kiddo needs to warm up. Mom and Dad out of sight takes some pressure off, and then I do my best to teach them that we're really just playing.
Then we get smiles and shots like these.

Happy Birthday, Zoe.
4 years happy!

Killough Family Shoot on the Farm | Morgan Hill Photography

It's a wonderful feeling to photograph personal friends. I feel blessed that I get to do it often. 
The Killough family are so close as friends we consider them family. 
Little Emma Jane is one of Ava's favorite friends, so we brought Ava along on the shoot to help get some smiles out of Emma (which is no challenge at all) and meet Emma's horsies :)

Beth has two gorgeous horses in the stables here.
It was a blast watching her with them and getting Emma up on one with Beth. 
(Besides the fact that the Barn theme is one of my favorites. So rustic and beautiful.)

Emma will be 2 in December.