Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating 3 months and 3 Years | Maila Belle & Kekoa Kai | Los Gatos Children's Photography

Such a beautiful morning spent with these two gorgeous kids!
This shoot was a breeze! Sometimes you just hit the sweet spot, time of day, mood of child...
We totally hit the sweet spot on this day. We were done in 40 minutes with great, great shots and happy kids!
Maybe is was left over Hawaiian vibes. The Hanson's had just recently returned home from 2 weeks on Oahu's north shore. Oh, the envy. My time will come ;)

Sweet Maila Belle.
Such a face on her. 
Those cheeks and lips. mmm. mmm.
Happy 3 months, my love.

And Mr. Kekoa Kai
How did you turn three?
Full of joy and wonder.
Happy Third Birthday to you!

Love & Happiness

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cross Family Shoot | Los Gatos Family Photography

Meet the Cross Family.
Great family! I really enjoyed spending an hour with them. 
Mom was totally relaxed and practicing her "letting go" skills, which I admire in any mom. She mentioned that after what looked like a situation that could turn into a battleground in the process of getting the girls dressed for the shoot, she let them choose their own clothes.
I think that's what it's all about. It adds character, and helps you remember who they really were at that age. 
The magic wand...Alexia brought it along and we used magic to get these smiles.
Thank you Alexia and Kaylee for bringing your bright spirits and imaginations! 

Sweet Stella is 2 & Baby is Due! | Los Gatos Child and Maternity Photography

I think one of the best things about my work is being asked to shoot a family in a new stage of their lives. Whether that means a milestone, like a birthday, or a big event, like a birth, or the expectation of one. It's special for me to develop a relationship with my clients, who turn into friends, and be a small part of their lives--one that is there to capture the "new" in images. 

Stella is such a cute girl! I got to meet her when she was 1 and now she is 2!
Her mom brought some balloons, put her in her salt waters and that darling dress and we let her loose! She was running through bubbles and laughing at her Daddy.
It brought me joy to see her joy and we got some really beautiful photos because it was all so natural.

Happy Birthday Stella!
*Teresa is due on Halloween, so check back for images of that growing baby in her beautiful belly. 

Welcome Baby Caleb | Los Gatos Newborn Photography

It's always so special to enter into the home of a family with a newborn baby.
At the Shaeffer's it was cozy and quiet inside.
It was such a pleasure to meet their new addition, Caleb.
He's such a little guy and full of smiles. 
I really don't think I'd ever seen so many smiles out of a newborn in a 2 hour period.

Renee, Ian and Kaitlyn are all doing well.
Baby Caleb is a lucky little guy born into this family.
I can't wait to watch him grow!
Welcome to this world, Caleb. 
We're so glad you're here.

Miss Maggie and her family | Los Gatos Family Photography

I love shooting all these babies! 
I love the chunky legs and squishy cheeks and those beaming smiles when they look at Mom and Dad!

This is Maggie. 
She is a total sweet heart and *such* a good baby. 
We just found a few spots to plop her down in the park, she got mom and dad's full playful attention, and viola! We got these images.
Such a love! I love what I do.

Chen Family Shoot | Los Gatos Family Photography

I was honored when Allan and Casey asked to schedule a family shoot with me. 
Both have a background in photography themselves and know their stuff! I was picking their brains by the end of the session :)! 
I couldn't have been happier to hear that they were happy with the outcome, too. It just lifted me up! I know how many photographers are out there to choose from and, like I said, it felt like an honor that they chose me.
Their son, Ian, was so happy, even after a short, impromptu, car seat nap. He was into it and we had fun getting him smiling. If you can't tell, mom and dad love him to pieces! :)
Capturing the awe and joy of a first time parent is the best!
Enjoy their sneak peek.

Colin's 6 Month Shoot | Los Gatos Baby & Child Photography

I got to meet this cute boy when he was three months old and feel so lucky that his mom asked me to be there for his 6, 9 and 12 month birthdays to document his growth. 
It's been so fun so far, especially having my own cute boy who's just a few weeks ahead of the game ;)

Here is a glimpse into Colin's 6 month shoot!
Such a smiley boy! :)