Monday, November 29, 2010

The Moore Family

yeah, their last name pretty much sums up how I felt about little Eloise on this shoot; more please! Cuteness. I couldn't stop clicking and turning the camera toward her. There is something so compelling about this one. She's beautiful and engaging, serious and goofy. So much fun, and such a great big sister. Remember her a few months back when her sister Valerie was born? Valerie is 4 months old now and Eloise wanted her to sit on her lap for the family photos. She was so gentle, kissing her, holding her head up. Sweet. 

oh, and I LOVE her cowlick! 

Eloise is a Daddy's girl. Daddy is definitely her biggest fan! As he should be :)

Still all about mama.
 Smart girl. 
(and reflection of self if we want to go the psychological route, but that was my old job ;) 

I love all the love! Kisses!! Nothing better!

Great shoot. Great family. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fiona & Regan

I met up with these sweethearts a few days ago to get some holiday photos for their mom. Their mom is the kind of friend I depend on. I need many friends like her, and I'm blessed to have them. 

Her children are Fiona and Regan. Aren't they beautiful? 

They're such cute little sisters. I love sisters. Couldn't imagine my life without mine. That bond is like no other, though they don't know that yet. But we do.


cute lil' cousins

Nicolas & Maya. 
Little cousins. 
Beautiful kids. 
Nicolas: 16 months, Maya: 6 months. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Aslan's

Sarah and Ben. Such sweethearts. Both of them. There is so much love between them, and all that love created their little beauty queen, Zoe.

She is just like her mom and dad, super loving and sweet as can be. And, as you can see, incredibly cute! She is such a great combination of the two of them. I see so much Ben in her eyes and Sarah in her smile :)

Zoe's mama doesn't miss a beat when it comes to fashion, so in turn, her little lady is 100%  fashionista! Always dressed in the cutest clothes, down to every last accessory :) For instance: that dress! Love it!

I met Zoe when she was about 3 months old. It's just amazing to really think about that. How did she and Ava grow so fast?! It's fun to know that they'll grow up knowing each other.

One of the reasons I love Sarah is because of her manner with Zoe. Very gentle and patient.  You can see it in these photos. 

Such a cute family! I loved hanging out with you guys Monday afternoon! xo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pullman family shoot

Geez! how handsome is this little man?! He's the newest addition to the Pullman family. Channing. He's almost edible! I just love this picture of him. What a beautiful boy! 

As is his goofy brother, Reece. 

Reece carried his little truck around for the whole shoot. He shared with his brother too. sweet boy.

Three babies in this family. 

Thanks for a fun, relaxing shoot :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

sneak peek at holiday family shoots:

So last Sunday, I had set up 30 minute blocks of time for families interested in getting shots of their kids and family for the holidays. Aside from a memory card mishap, it was a gorgeous day and we got some great shots! These families were SO kind and patient. It was my pleasure to be there with them. 

So, first up: These are the Green girls (just like me!). There are 4 and one boy! All I have to say to that is: GO MAMA SHAUGHNA!






Amazing! 5 kids sitting all together peacefully. How did that happen?!

Second up: The Ismen's. This is Sophia. She's 7.

 ...And last, but not least (though they were really the 1st I shot) the Mulji Family. 3 gorgeous girls...




Lots of fun!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Oliver:

Do you remember this sweet face? You saw him last dressed as a dragon for Halloween. This handsome guy is Oliver. His Mom and Dad dressed him to perfection, his own personal stylists :) He was so good about his wardrobe changes and having me follow him around looking at him through a black box! We had fun chasing the light as it settled behind the mountains. His mom and dad are lots of fun and totally energized, so we had some good laughs. I always love the parents that aren't afraid to be a total goof to get their kid smiling! I know I appreciate it! :)

And this is just the sweetest.  Don't you agree?