Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Another really fun Halloween in Los Gatos with the kids. 
Nathan was so excited and didn't miss a house to trick-or-treat at. He caught on quick! He would hold the piece of candy he was given until he reached the next house and then give that piece in exchange for a new one. Give one, get one, that's how he thinks Halloween works. Maybe he's on to something. His little voice said "trick-or-treat" and "tanks" after the doors closed behind us, so no one heard, but we did. Ava was the best big sis in town. If Nathan was lagging a little she just informed the residents that her little brother was coming, so they'd hold the door open until he arrived and he'd get his candy too. 
I just soaked in watching the joy that trick-or-treating brings. I felt lucky. Lucky to share this experience with Brad, to both know a love so intense for the same two little people it makes you feel like your heart might just burst. 

I complied some photos and video clips of our evening trick-or-treating fun! 

Happy Halloween. 

love, Princess Belle and Duckie.

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